Strip Spin-the-Bottle 18-2-2015

In today’s update Mark succeeds in persuading Bethany and Carrie to play a three way game of Spin-the-Bottle with him. I hope he knows what he’s doing! They use a variation on the standard rules of the game today to make it more interesting.

Spin-the-Bottle 11-2-2015

Bex and Amber talk Maisie into playing a game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle with them in this sexy video. With three girls playing, two of them are going to end up completely naked.

This video is well over 12 minutes long and is available in two versions.

As usual here’s the (reduced quality) preview for non-members: (Click on the image to start video)
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Strip Spin-the-Bottle 28-1-2015

Popular duo Kaz and Lilly play a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle in this video update. Standard rules apply, the loser of any round spins the bottle to decide which girl has to remove the next item of clothing. The first player to lose all her clothes is the loser and must do a naked twirl in front of the winner.

As usual here’s the (reduced quality) preview for non-members: (Click on the image to start video)
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The members’ area version is available at full DVD (720×576) quality and can also be purchased from our video clip store.

Spin-the-Bottle 5-11-2014

Oriana tries to persuade her friends, Carrie and Amelia, to play another game of Spin-the-Bottle with her. They are not too keen but they agree of course, otherwise this wouldn’t be much of an update! Will Oriana win the game again? Carrie and Amelia certainly hope not!
As a sexy bonus with this game, the player spinning the bottle gets to choose an item of clothing to remove from the loser. That’s going to be extra embarrassing!

Spin-the-Bottle 23-9-2014

Lovely trio, Amelia, Carrie and Oriana play Spin-the-Bottle, game we haven’t on the site for far too long, and better still it’s winner strips loser! The player spinning the bottle gets to choose and remove an item of clothing from the loser. Still the best way for the girls to lose their clothes! As usual the game isn’t over until two of these gorgeous girls are completely naked.