Spin-the-Bottle 24-2-2016

Cate, Natalie and Tracey are back to try out a straightforward game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle. This time they are smartly dressed, complete with blouses, skirts, stockings and high heels. As there are three players for this game there’s going to be two completely naked losers. They play using the classic Spin-the-Bottle rules where the girl doing the bottle spinning gets to remove an item of clothing from whichever player it points to. Of course, if the player spinning the bottle spins it to point to herself then the other players get to remove one item of clothing each from her. This is going to be great fun!

This excellent game results in well over 100 fantastic photos.

Spin-the-Bottle 17-2-2016

I’m quite excited about today’s strip game. First of all it’s played by Naudia and Jordana, but better still they have an small audience to watch them lose their clothes. Whoever loses this game is going to end up completely naked in front of a small crowd of onlookers. Now that should make this one extra embarrassing for the nude loser!

Spin-the-Bottle 25-11-2015

Demi, Emma and Tyler return to play a game that’s always great fun. To make this one even sexier the girl who spins the bottle gets to both choose which item comes off the girl it points to AND gets to take it off her too. I think that’s just about the best way to play the game. Excellent fun and extra embarrassing for the loser of each round of the game.

Of course as there are three players they play until two are completely naked, then the two losers have to perform a little forfeit together.

This video is available in three quality options, each running to 8 minutes 24 seconds. Click on the picture to play the demo video directly.

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Spin-the-Bottle 23-9-2015

Popular duo Kaz and Lilly are back to play again. This time it’s spin-the-bottle with an embarrassing little forfeit for the naked loser. I have to admit that the girls got a slightly confused with the rules of the game for this one, but it doesn’t make much difference as one of these lovely women still ends up stripped completely naked.

Spin-the-Bottle 9-9-2015

Today’s game is another sexy game of Spin-the-Bottle (as you probably guessed from the title!) but we decided to spice this one up even more. All three players, Amber, Bex and Maisie, got to wear some fun uniforms. So now you get to watch two WPCs (That’s Women Police Officers for those of you not from the UK) and a nurse play until one of them is stripped completely naked.
It was supposed to be three WPCs but we couldn’t get hold of the outfit in time.