Spin-the-Bottle 7-9-2013

Taking advantage of the hot weather, Caley has invited her three friends back to play another game. This time it’s a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle played outdoors in the sun. My favourite thing about four player games is that we end up with three completely naked losers!

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 21-8-2013

Gemma and Kamilia are bored and wondering what to do when their landlady, Eva, turns up. After she enjoyed their previous game together, she’s keen to play another one. She persuades them to play a game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle with her. Will she beat both girls, or will she end up as one of the naked losers? Whoever loses, they’re going to suffer an embarrassing little forfeit!

Spin-the-Bottle 26-7-2013

After losing their last game, Kamilia (right) wants to play another strip game. Gemma reluctantly agrees to play but the game doesn’t go anything like both girls expected!

Spin-the-Bottle 28-4-2013

Three of our most popular girls are back this week. Abigail and Davina are demanding a rematch against Trinity. They want to play her at spin-the-bottle. Will they manage to beat her and get her naked, or will Trinity win again?

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 31-3-13

Please welcome three fantastic new girls to the site. They are (from left to right): Abigail, Davina and Trinity. We’re going to start them off with a game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle, this time played in a nightclub. This should be one seriously hot game!