Strip Sudden Death 25-10-2017

Demi, Emma and Tyler are back to play another very sexy strip game. This time these three gorgeous blondes try a single round of Strip Sudden Death using a standard deck of cards. Whichever player loses the first and only round of this game will have to strip completely naked in front of the other players then suffer a small but embarrassing forfeit. This will be a great video for fans of CFNF (Clothed Female Naked Female).

This video is available two quality versions, all running to 1 minutes 42 seconds. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:

Note: Watching this preview will give away the outcome of the game

Club members have a choice of two versions to download and keep:

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 57MB – High-quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 30MB – Standard-quality)

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