Welcome to StripGameCentral.com

Welcome to StripGameCentral.com

Opened back in 2002, this is the definitive site for anyone who loves watching attractive girls playing and losing strip games, seeing the naked losers and the embarrassing forfeits.

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Kamilia & Ronda play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors

Lovely duo, Ronda and Kamilia are back to play another game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. There’s no forfeit at the end of this game but with two beauties playing and the winner of each round choosing what the loser has to take off, this should be a fascinating game, and we win whoever loses!

Kaz and Lilly play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Popular duo, Kaz and Lilly, are back to try out another strip game. Today it’s Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors played with the usual rules except if both players pick the same item, they BOTH have to remove an item of clothing. As usual, the game isn’t over until one of these lovely girls is stripped completely naked.

Abigail, Davina and Trinity play Strip Spin-the-Bottle

Three of our most popular girls are back this week. Abigail and Davina are demanding a rematch against Trinity. They want to play her at spin-the-bottle. Will they manage to beat her and get her naked, or will Trinity win again? You’ll have to watch the whole sexy game to find out!

Demi & Sarah play Strip Tickle

Demi and Sarah have turned out to be very popular. In this video, they play one of the sexiest games of Strip Tickle we’ve ever had. The usual rules apply: Both players tickle their opponent and the first player to laugh, giggle or squeal has to take off an item of clothing of the winner’s choosing. The game doesn’t stop until one girl is completely naked (and shoes go last!). Better still there is a small forfeit for the unlucky loser at the end of this excellent game.

This video is available in three quality options, each running to 15 minutes 40 seconds. Click on the picture to play the demo video directly.

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This video is also available from MailOfErotica.com in both High and Standard quality.

Strip Obey 10-7-2019

Today’s update is another game of Strip Obey. This time it’s played by the lovely trio of Bex, Debz and Charlotte and, better still, they play it outside in the garden. That’s going to make the game a little more embarrassing to play. As if all that isn’t enough, there’s even a couple of forfeits at the end too for the unlucky and naked losers. I think this instance of this game played out much better than the first try and makes for one of our best videos in a while.

This video is available in three quality options, each running to 13 minutes 25 seconds. Play the (reduced quality) video directly here:

Club members have a choice of three versions to download and keep:

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 378MB – High quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 228MB – Standard quality)

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This video is also available from MailOfErotica.com in both High and Standard quality.