Strip Darts 5-4-2018

Jordana wants a darts rematch against you. It’s only fair that you agree to play her again I think. The only question is; Can you beat her again? I do hope so! Here’s hoping you play well and get Jordana stripped completely naked for us.

Strip Pontoon 6-9-2017

Something a little different with this game. Jordana tries her hand at playing Strip Pontoon against a friend of hers via webcam, and, of course, we get to watch her too. I just hope that she loses the game!

Strip Darts 10-5-2017

An interesting experimental game for today’s update. We’ve received numerous requests for some point-of-view style strip games over the years so this is an early attempt at achieving that aim. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this is a game of Darts played against the lovely Jordana. I hope you win!

Wall of Misfortune 28-12-2016

The final update of 2016 sees Naudia and Jordana return to play “Wall of Misfortune”. With the cards stuck to the wall, it’s impossible to cheat and neither player can predict how this game will play out. I think we’ll be seeing more of this game in future. Enjoy!

Wall of Misfortune 17-8-2016

The lovely Jordana and Naudia are back to try out a different game today. Wall of Misfortune involves, as the name implies, a wall and a grid of cards. Each of the cards features a number. For each round, both players pick a card each at random and the girl with the lowest number has to remove an item of her clothing. As usual, first player stripped completely naked is the loser.

In future we’ll have to rework this game with some forfeit cards thrown into the mix.