Strip Fight 10-10-2013

As it was a lovely, sunny day, Caley, Jasmine, Hermione and Sabrielle plan to enjoy a little sunbathing in the garden. Cheeky Caley persuades Jasmine to try something a little more fun and soon the four bikini-clad girls are fighting to strip each other naked. Better still this game ends with an embarrassing forfeit.

Strip Sudden Death 24-9-2013

Wow, oh wow! I know that Strip Sudden Death can be an acquired taste. Some people don’t like that the game can be over quite quickly, others love the risk and anticipation, knowing that the loser of a round gets no second chance, no opportunity to recover. Any girl losing a round is immediately required to strip completely naked.

I think this one will win round even the most ardent detractors. With four stunning girls, playing a game of Strip Sudden Death in the garden, you know that three of them are going to have to strip completely naked outdoors. Very sexy!

Spin-the-Bottle 7-9-2013

Taking advantage of the hot weather, Caley has invited her three friends back to play another game. This time it’s a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle played outdoors in the sun. My favourite thing about four player games is that we end up with three completely naked losers!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 4-8-2013

Hermione, Caley, Sabrielle and Jasmine are back for a second game. They’re going to play another game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors using the same teams as before. Will the same pair win or will they end up stripped naked? I just love four player games, especially when they are played outdoors.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 19-7-2013

Please welcome two lovely new girls to the site. Today the ever popular Caley and Jasmine introduce their friends Sabrielle and Hermione with a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still, as if watching four amazing girls losing their clothes in a game isn’t good enough, they play this one out in the garden. What better way to take advantage of the hot weather?