Strip High Card 8-3-2018

After losing their last game together, Jasmine manages to persuade Chrissy to give her a rematch at Strip High Card. The question is: Will Jasmine lose again or can she get her own back this time? There’s only one way to find out! Whoever wins, one of these girls is going to end up stripped completely naked. Even better, there is a small but very embarrassing forfeit for the loser of this sexy game.

Strip Tickle 10-6-2015

Sexy duo Jasmine and Chrissy are back to play a game of Strip Tickle. This game runs longer than average as we let both players wear a few extra items of clothing. It doesn’t really matter how much they wear, one of them is still going to end up stripped completely naked.

Strip Sudden Death 13-5-2015

Chrissy and Jasmine are back to try out another strip game. This time it’s one we haven’t seen in a while, far too long in fact. So watch and enjoy as the girls play Strip Sudden Death. Whichever player takes the first loss ends up naked. Better make that first move count, girls!

Please note: Viewing the 2nd page of preview photos below will give away the outcome of this game.

Strip High Card 1-4-2015

Today we have Jasmine and Chrissy trying out a game of High Card. I don’t know which of these two lovely girls I most want to lose this game, but what I do know is however this one plays out, we win!
Better still the winner of each round of this game gets to directly remove an item of clothing from the loser. How sexy is that?