Sativa’s Job Interview

Sativa attends an extremely thorough job interview. She might be brave enough to get through it, but will she get the job?

Violetta’s Audition

Violetta gets stripped naked by her friend Sativa, but for this audition she uses a very different technique. I’m hoping everyone enjoys this set as it features something we’ve never tried before.

Amanda’s Audition

For her audition set, the lovely Amanda slowly and very sexily strips fully naked for us in an empty bar.

Sativa’s Audition

It’s been too long since we shot an audition of any of our lovely players. As a move to rectify this, today we have Sativa’s audition set. For this one we got another recent addition to SGC, Violetta T., to strip Sativa completely naked and show off her naked body to us. Violetta’s enthusiasm shone through and made for an excellent result.

Naudia’s Audition

We haven’t had an audition photoset in a while, but this is the very first one in this new format. Naudia was required to simply stand there and remove all her clothes, however for a twist she had to do it in a bar of people. It was meant to be more embarrassing for her, but I suspect she actually enjoyed it!