Minefield 7-10-2012

The lovely Shelley and Leslie are back to play another sexy game of Strip Minefield. Leslie seems confident that she can win again, but in a game of luck, who can tell!
For most of this game the winner of each round helps the loser remove an item of her clothing. That’s always good fun.

Minefield 2-9-2012

The lovely duo, Leslie and Shelley, are back to try out another strip game. This time it’s a game of Strip Minefield. Which of these two women do you want to see stripped naked and embarrassed?

Sudden Death 15-7-2012

Leslie and Shelley return to try out a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death. Usual rules with this one: First player to lose a round has to strip completely naked. Very embarrassing!

Tickle 22-5-2012

After losing their last game together, Shelley demands another game against Leslie. As Sudden Death didn’t work out so well for her, she suggests they try Strip Tickle today.

Sudden Death 4-5-2012

Today Shelley introduces a lovely new girl to the site. Leslie’s first game will be Sudden Death played via a single round of High Card. Which girl is going to end up stripping naked?