Strip Spin-the-Bottle 7-12-2017

A rather odd variation on spin-the-bottle this week. Usual rules (and outcome!) apply but this time the two gorgeous players, Kaz and Lilly are particular favourites of mine, don’t actually use a bottle to play the game. There’s no forfeit for this one but with these two girls playing, whoever loses, we win!

As usual this video is available three quality versions, all running to just over 8 minutes. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:

Club members have a choice of two versions to download and keep:

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 187MB – High quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 107MB – Standard quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 67MB – Lower quality)

Strip High Card 15-3-2017

Fans of Kaz and Lilly will be happy to see today’s sexy update. Both girls are back to try out a game of Strip Highcard, this time with an embarrassing little forfeit for the unlucky (and completely naked!) loser. But I am not going to announce what that forfeit is here. You will have to see the photos to find out!

Spin-the-Bottle 23-9-2015

Popular duo Kaz and Lilly are back to play again. This time it’s spin-the-bottle with an embarrassing little forfeit for the naked loser. I have to admit that the girls got a slightly confused with the rules of the game for this one, but it doesn’t make much difference as one of these lovely women still ends up stripped completely naked.

Tickle 2-9-2015

Kaz and Lilly are back to play a rapid game of Strip Tickle. Every time a player laughs, giggles or squeals she has to remove an item of clothing. To make it a little more interesting we added a forfeit for the unlucky loser to suffer at the end of the game. Poor thing!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 12-8-2015

Two lovelies, Kaz and Lilly, are back to try out a different game, this time in photoset format. Today they play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. Can Kaz win this one or will she end up naked again?