Darts 9-8-2004

Pamela demands to have one more chance to beat her friend Wanda. This time they give Strip Darts a go, but will Pamela have enough skill to win the day?
The two lovely girls liven the game up by agreeing that whoever wins will get to pick three forfeits for the unlucky loser.

High Card 8-6-2004

After losing their first game, Pamela wants a chance to beat Wanda. She decides that a game of Highcard will give her a better chance of winning. I know many of you will be very pleased to hear that the winner of each round in this game gets to directly remove an item of clothing from her opponent. Better still there is a couple of embarrassing forfeits for the naked loser of this game.

Minefield 9-5-2004

Today we introduce a new game to the world. Strip Minefield is an interesting game of chance which adds complete randomness to the order in which the players lose their clothing. Pamela and Wanda try it out for us and, as usual, the game isn’t over until one of these lovely girls is completely naked.