Strip Dice 4-7-2018

Xena is back, with Hope and Nicole. This gorgeous threesome sits down to play a rather sexy game of Strip Dice, not stopping until two of the players are stripped completely naked. Better still, one of the unlucky, naked losers has to suffer an embarrassing forfeit of the winner’s choosing. That should prove humiliating for her!

Strip Draughts 27-1-2013

Ingrid and Xena are back to play again. After winning one game each when playing each other, Ingrid wants another game against Xena. A third game should decide the overall winner. Better still there is an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser!

Spin-the-Bottle 20-1-2013

Nicole (left), Xena (centre) and Hope (right) have just got home after a night out at a fundraising party. They don’t want the evening to be over just yet, so they decide to round the evening off with a sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle. Of course, three players means that two of them are going to end up naked!

Minefield 13-1-2013

Two smartly dressed girls have an hour to kill before the departmental meeting. What better way of killing some time than playing a strip game? They decide to give Strip Minefield a go. Hard to predict the outcome of this one beyond one to these two lovely women is going to end up stark naked in the office.

Dice 16-12-2012

Xena and Nicole demand a rematch of their Strip Dice game against Hope. She figures that as she won the last one, she can win this one too. As last time there will be an embarrassing forfeit for a somewhat restrained and naked loser. Excellent fun with three very sexy girls.