Strip Spin-the-Bottle 24-10-2018

Heidi, Maggie and Talia decide to make use of the warm, sunny weather by playing a game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle outside by the pool. Not only does this very sexy game lead to two naked losers, but one of the losers will have to suffer a forfeit too. Hot weather and a strip game – nice combo!

Strip Catch 9-12-2013

Caley and Maggie are taking advantage of the nice weather, sunbathing in the garden, when Owen arrives playing a ball game. He suggests that they should all play a ball game together and, as the girls seem to like strip games, they could play Strip Catch. I really hope that Owen can win this one!

Strip Tickle 14-11-2013

Today’s amazing game features the ever-popular Caley and Maggie, playing in the garden. Tickle is always sexy fun, but this one is amazing! This time they’ve got Owen (lucky guy!) to referee the game for them and to remove any item lost himself. Having a man take off their clothes has got to be even more embarrassing.
As if all of that isn’t good enough, there’s also an embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 27-10-2013

Caley has persuaded her friend Maggie to try out a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To increase the element of risk for them, they will play this one in the garden. As if watching these two very sexy girls playing a strip game outdoors isn’t enough fun, there’s also a highly embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser!

Tickle 2-10-2013

Two amazing girls, a very sexy strip game and fantastic (and humiliating) forfeit for the unlucky loser – an all round excellent game! Caley and Maggie play Strip Tickle – which of these lovely girls is going to suffer the embarrassing forfeit?