Strip Sudden Death 24-4-2014

Today’s update is a high-stakes game of Strip Sudden Death. The girls, Honey and Sally, play a single round of coin toss. The loser not only has to strip completely naked while her opponent watches, but also suffers an embarrassing forfeit of the winner’s choosing. It’s got to be pretty humiliating to know that so much rides on the single toss of a coin!

Note: Viewing the final 3 preview photos will give away the winner of the game.

Strip Minefield 7-4-2014

After losing their last game of Strip Minefield, Honey wants a rematch. Honey really wants another chance to win but Sally isn’t keen on playing until Honey suggests that the loser should get an embarrassing forfeit chosen by the winner. Minefield is always wonderfully unpredictable; you never know what item of clothing is going to have to come off next!

Strip Minefield 13-3-2014

Honey and Sally are back to try out a sexy game of Strip Minefield. This always a wonderfully unpredictable game, you never know what item of clothing is going to come off next, but with two very pretty girls playing this exciting strip game you can guarantee that we are going to win!

No forfeits this week, beyond the unlucky loser having to stand up and perform a slow, naked twirl in front of the winner.

Strip Tickle 7-2-2014

We thought it would be good to introduce Honey (left) and Sally (right) with an nice, easy game. Both players do their best to tickle their opponent and the first girl to laugh, giggle or squeal loses the round. Strip Tickle is always lots of sexy fun – lots of contact between the players and about our most “hands on” game! Better still, in this one the winner of each round gets to personally remove an item of clothing from the loser. First girl completely naked loses the game.

Honey reckons she’s going to get Sally naked with ease in this game. Let’s find out if that’s true!