Strip Dice 15-8-2018

Alex (short hair) and Kella (long hair) return today to try out a game of Strip Dice. Will Kella win again or will Alex get her revenge for their previous match? With these two beauties playing, I don’t know who I most want to lose this very sexy game!

Strip High Card 7-6-2017

Kella and Selene are back to try out another game together. This time it’s a game of Strip High Card with a twist. Rather than choose themselves, the girls will be using a deck of minefield cards to decide which item of clothing the loser of each round must remove. This is another of those strip games where I’m hoping both players lose at the same time. We can’t lose no matter which girl loses this game.

Minefield 9-11-2016

Today we have two lovely American girls, here to play a very sexy game for us all. Gorgeous redhead Rosanna challenges buxom Kella to play Strip Minefield. This is always an exciting game because, not only is it impossible to predict which player will lose and end up stripped completely naked, but you never know what order the items of clothing are going to come off. Whatever order they lose their clothes in, someone’s ending up nude.

High Card 13-1-2016

Kella is back, this time with her friend Kerry, to try out another sexy game of Strip High Card. Although this game sadly doesn’t feature a forfeit at the end it did take a long time to play out. The anticipation builds all the way through as both players struggle to get the upper hand. The only problem with this game is that I want them BOTH to lose this one!

Strip Dice 29-7-2015

Fans of Kella and/or Selene will be pleased to see that these two girls have returned to play a game of Strip Dice, this time with a deck of Minefield cards to choose which article of clothing gets removed in each round. Will Kella manage to end her losing streak today?