Wall of Misfortune 28-12-2016

The final update of 2016 sees Naudia and Jordana return to play “Wall of Misfortune”. With the cards stuck to the wall, it’s impossible to cheat and neither player can predict how this game will play out. I think we’ll be seeing more of this game in future. Enjoy!

Wall of Misfortune 28-9-2016

Wall of Misfortune is a great game, this time played by Sativa and Violetta T. The game is played with a wall of cards. Each card has a number on the reverse. For each round, both players take a card each and the player picking the lowest number loses the round and must let the other player remove an item of clothing from her. The winner of the round gets to choose what comes off so double embarrassment. The game doesn’t end until one of these lovely players is completely naked. Poor girl!

Wall of Misfortune 17-8-2016

The lovely Jordana and Naudia are back to try out a different game today. Wall of Misfortune involves, as the name implies, a wall and a grid of cards. Each of the cards features a number. For each round, both players pick a card each at random and the girl with the lowest number has to remove an item of her clothing. As usual, first player stripped completely naked is the loser.

In future we’ll have to rework this game with some forfeit cards thrown into the mix.

Wall of Misfortune 12-1-2012

The lovely Kerri and Violetta are back for another exciting game of Wall of Misfortune. I think this game could shape up to become a regular on the site.

You’re going to enjoy this one. I don’t want to give away too much and spoil the anticipation, but I love it when a game comes out this way. Very sexy!

Wall of Misfortune 24-11-2011

Sativa and Violetta T are back to play another game of Wall of Misfortune. It’s a sexy game of chance which can keep you guessing right to the end. The one thing you know for sure is that one of these lovely players is going to end up stripped completely naked!