Strip Darts 13-2-2019

Today, we have three gorgeous blonde women, here to try what is guaranteed to be a very sexy game. With these three lovelies playing, anything becomes sexy! This time it’s a game of Strip Darts. Frieda, Nadine and Rianna are going to play until two of them are stripped completely naked. This is going to be fun!

Strip Tickle 12-9-2018

Favourites Pasha (right) and Nadine (left) are back to play another awesome strip game. This time it’s Strip Tickle and this is a highly unpredictable game with plenty of physical contact between the lovely players. Which player do you want to see lose this one and end up stripped completely naked?

Rock-Paper-Scissors 14-12-2017

Late one night, Pasha and Nadine find that they are unable to get to sleep. Pasha suggests that they play a game (a sexy game of strip Rock-Paper-Scissors of course!) for a while to make themselves tired. Of course, with both of them in their pyjamas, this game probably isn’t going to last too long!

Strip Sudden Death 10-3-2013

The ever popular trio of Frieda, Nadine and Rianna are back to play another game together. Today they are wearing very sexy little dresses. The game is Strip Sudden Death played via a game of darts.The loser of each round has to let the other two players immediately strip her completely naked. No room for mistakes in this game!

Spin-the-Bottle 3-3-2013

Today Frieda, Rianna and Nadine are back to play a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle. With three lovely girls playing that means the game isn’t over until two of them are stripped completely naked. Better still the winner of this one gets to choose an embarrassing forfeit for the two unlucky losers. Can’t wait!