Spin-the-Bottle 9-11-2003

After the previous cheating incident, Sabrina and Hailey decide that it would be better to play a game of chance. That way Jenny can’t cheat. Better still, in this game, they use a coin toss to decide the order in which clothing will be lost!
As if that isn’t good enough, there’s an embarrassing naked forfeit for the unlucky loser.

Pontoon 20-10-2003

Hailey and Sabrina persuade Jenny to play them again at Strip Pontoon. They are hoping that this time
at least one of them can beat her, so they don’t both end up naked and embarrassed again.

Pontoon 2-10-2003

It’s been far too long time since we had a game of Strip Pontoon, so we got Hailey, Jenny and Sabrina get together to have a game. Which girls do you want to lose this one?

Draughts 12-9-2003

After some time away, Sabrina is back. This time with less crazy makeup! She’s going to play a game of Strip Draughts. Losing clothing makes even this game much more exciting!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 7-2-2003

Sabrina and Violetta are back. Even though she won last time, Sabrina doesn’t think that one win each is any kind of victory. Today she aims to put that right.