Strip Draughts 27-1-2013

Ingrid and Xena are back to play again. After winning one game each when playing each other, Ingrid wants another game against Xena. A third game should decide the overall winner. Better still there is an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser!

Draughts 4-11-2012

Today, two lovely girls are going to play a game of tactics and intelligence, strip Draughts (That’s Checkers in the US) resulting in one of them becoming totally naked. As usual the unlucky (and naked!) loser will have to stand up and perform a nude twirl for the winner.

Draughts 21-10-2012

Pasha tries to persuade Nadia to play a strip game against her but Nadia isn’t too confident in her ability and takes some persuading. How far will Pasha go to get her to play?

Draughts 8-3-2012

Sadie is back and demanding another rematch against Viola. She wants to play another game of draughts. After losing the previous two games, maybe it be 3rd time lucky! Or maybe she likes losing?

Draughts 25-2-2012

Sadie and Viola return to try out another sexy strip game. This time they go for something a little more intellectually challenging, draughts (US=checkers).