Strip Dice 30-9-2015

Blondes Abbi and Tracey are back to try out a game of Strip Dice. Better still the winner of the game gets to pick a very embarrassing forfeit for the poor, naked loser! With two gorgeous players, a sexy forfeit and far more than the average number of photos in this update, I think you’ll all like this one.

Strip Dice 29-7-2015

Fans of Kella and/or Selene will be pleased to see that these two girls have returned to play a game of Strip Dice, this time with a deck of Minefield cards to choose which article of clothing gets removed in each round. Will Kella manage to end her losing streak today?

Strip Dice 17-6-2015

Hafwen and Saskia are back to try out another game, Strip Dice this time. They’ve both won one game each, so this game should be a decider. Which girl will win? Do we mind?

Strip Dice 22-10-2014

These three lovely girls, Amelia, Carrie and Oriana, are back to try out another game, this time with an interesting and embarrassing forfeit for the two completely naked losers. With these three girls playing, we can’t lose!

Strip Dice 18-7-2014

Kamilia wants a rematch of the Strip Dice game against her flatmate, Ronda. Ronda isn’t too keen until Kamilia suggests that there should be a forfeit for the loser. They finally agree that the forfeit for the loser will be leaving the flat completely naked! There’s a good incentive not to lose this game.