Fight 3-2-2016

Fans of Jessie and Samantha A. will be pleased to discover that they are back to play another very sexy game. Today it’s a game of Strip Fight with a small but embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser to perform in the nude. The rules for this one are very straightforward: Each girl must attempt to over-power her opponent and remove all of her clothes. As usual the first girl completely naked is the loser of the game.

Fight 4-1-2014

Today we have three very daring (and very sexy!) girls who are going to play a game of Strip Fight in full view of the neighbours. Strip games outdoors are always more risky but these girls have picked a spot where the scenery offers no protection of their modesty at all!

The rules for this game are very simple: Jasmine, Gaby and Layla all attempt to undress each other, with each girl trying to ensure that her opponents end up naked before she does. Last girl with any clothing on wins the game. The two naked losers will end up doing a nude twirl together instead.

Strip Fight 10-10-2013

As it was a lovely, sunny day, Caley, Jasmine, Hermione and Sabrielle plan to enjoy a little sunbathing in the garden. Cheeky Caley persuades Jasmine to try something a little more fun and soon the four bikini-clad girls are fighting to strip each other naked. Better still this game ends with an embarrassing forfeit.