Spin-the-Bottle 27-3-2004

Bobbi and Emma are rudely interrupted one evening by their landlady, Genna. She wants to play another strip game with them; this time a sexy game of Spin the Bottle.
A very nice feature with this game is that the girl who spins the bottle in each round gets to remove an item of her choice from the loser!

Spin-the-Bottle 28-2-2004

Bobbi, Jenny, Annette and Anna get together once again for a very sexy, four player game of spin-the-bottle. Better still this game isn’t going to be over until three lovely girls are stripped completely naked.

Dice 14-2-2004

One evening, Emma and Bobbi are sitting in their living room, watching television, when their landlady unexpectedly lets herself in and tells them she wants to play another strip game with them. This time they play Strip Dice. Who’s going to end up naked this time?

High Card 20-1-2004

Another wonderful four player strip game today. The girls split into two teams to play High Card. The members of each team take turns to take a card. When a girl loses a round her teammate must remove an item of clothing too. This game isn’t over until one team is stripped naked.

Pontoon 10-1-2004

Bobbi and Emma decide to play an exciting game of Strip Pontoon today. Unfortunately their game is interrupted but the result turned out to be even better! As if that isn’t enough, the ultimate loser of this game gets an embarrassing little forfeit to endure.