Heidi and Talia play strip badminton in the garden

Heidi and Talia play strip badminton outdoors

This is a very straightforward game, played much like a normal badminton game, except with somewhat simplified scoring and the ongoing loss of clothing!


The two players decide who is going to serve first. That player strikes the shuttlecock and sends it towards her opponent. If her opponent fails to return the shuttlecock to her then her opponent loses a point. Of course as this is STRIP badminton, losing a point means an item of clothing has to come off!


The game isn’t over until one of the two players has lost all of her clothing (ie is completely naked). In the more recent strip badminton games played on StripGameCentral we have made use of a referee to ensure that the game is played fairly. So far all our badminton games have taken place outdoors, which increases the level of risk for the players and makes it a sexier experience for us. Who doesn’t like seeing girls getting naked outdoors?


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