Coin Toss

Emily, Pasha and Bridget play Strip Coin Toss.

Emily, Pasha and Bridget play Strip Coin Toss.

This is one of the games which we believe is unique to Coin Toss is unusual in its requirement for exactly three players.


The rules are nice and simple: Each player has a coin. All three of them toss their coins simultaneously and the player with the odd-one-out result is the loser. So, if the result is “Heads”, “Heads”, “Tails”, then “Tails” loses. If the result is “Tails”, “Heads” and “Tails”, then “Heads” losers. If everyone gets the same result then that round is deemed a draw and everyone tosses their coins again.


As usual, the game is not over until at least one player is stripped totally naked.


Things get more complicated when one of the players ends up naked. At this point the game can either end, with the nude player being declared the loser, or the game can continue with the naked player playing for forfeits. In the game shown in the example photo above, Bridget has just lost the game and must now remove her knickers and do a naked twirl for her two friends, but the game is not over. She chooses instead to play on forfeits until another girl is nude too. Of course to find out what forfeits she has to suffer, you will need to be a member.



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