3 gorgeous girls play Strip Obey

Bex, Charlotte & Debz playing Strip Obey outdoors

This game was a development on Minefield. Strip Obey also uses randomly selected cards, but this time, instead of the girls having to remove what is displayed on the card, they must perform whatever is described on the card.


Cards include:

  • Remove an item of clothing (it is a strip game after all!)
  • Remove 2 items of clothing.
  • Take an item of clothing from another player of your choice.
  • Do 5 star jumps.
  • Stand up and wiggle your bottom at the other players.
  • Pick a player to remove the item of your choice IF you also remove the same item.


There are more cards and other variations get added too. There are also forfeit cards which must be kept until the end of the game.


This game is usually played by at least three players and doesn’t end until all players bar one are completely naked. At the end of the game any naked player holding any forfeit cards must perform those forfeit(s).


As usual the game isn’t over until at least one player is completely naked. In the case of three player versions of this game, there are usually two naked losers!


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