Our Daring Strip Games

StripGameCentral.com has a growing range of sexy strip games including all the following and more:

Archery – Badminton – Coin Toss – Card Games – Catch – Darts – Dodge – Draughts (US=Checkers)
Dice – Fight – Football -Minefield – Obey – 
Rock-Paper-Scissors – Spin-the-Bottle – Sudden Death
Tickle – Vote – Wall of Misfortune

All games share the same feature that all losers get completely naked! No losers get to keep their bras or knickers on. Embarrassment or humiliation are no excuses – losers must stand up and do a nude twirl. Join to see all our games (Videos & photosets).

Over the years since StripGameCentral opened (well over a decade ago!) we have varied and fine-tuned the rules of each of these games. We have tried all sorts of variations and continue to try out new ones. Variations such as the winner choosing what the loser must take off or the winner directly undressing the loser, have become regulars from this process. The Club chat forum is a vital means of feedback where members can let us know exactly which games they like, which rules work best and make suggestions for future games. Much of StripGameCentral’s developments and improvements have been guided directly by member feedback.


You can also find out more about each of our types of game in our rules guide.