One of the things which sets apart from most other adult sites on the web is that the girls gradually lose their clothes whilst actually playing real strip games. All games feature full nudity. Losers end up naked, that means no knickers (US=panties!), no bra and definitely NO covering up. The winners keep some (occasionally all) of their clothes on and the losers sometimes have to perform an embarrassing forfeit in the nude. Players are usually made to perform a slow naked twirl when they lose their last item of clothing.

You won’t catch us skipping through the game, or rigging it so that all players end up naked anyway, and jumping straight to some contrived sexual situation. All games are allowed to play out naturally – no scripts, no fixing. Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version. In the Club, the girls are not allowed to cover up for long!

Our players react to ending up naked in a variety of ways. Some girls are mortified at being nude in front of their friends, their exposure is humiliating for them. Other girls seem to relish being exposed in front of others, they display an exhibitionist streak. But the one thing they all share is that when they lose a strip game on StripGameCentral, they have to get completely naked.