In some games the poor, naked losers have to perform one or more embarrassing forfeits. These vary from mildly embarrassing to completely humiliating. There have been a variety of these and we keep trying out new ones. As a member of the StripGameCentral Club, if you have a suggestion for a sexy new forfeit then we encourage you to post it in the Club Forum. If it is suitable we will try it out in an upcoming game!

So far forfeits have included the following (amongst others):

  • Groping
  • Being pushed/taken outside naked
  • Serving drinks/food naked
  • Cleaning/vacuuming/washing up naked
  • Giving the winner a footrub or massage (while naked)
  • Spanking
  • Posing for naked photos
  • Being videoed nude/stripping
  • Nude jumping or dancing
  • Being tied up naked in an exposed location (often outdoors!)
  • Nude exercises
  • Having something embarrassing written across her naked body
  • Some or all clothes being confiscated
  • Stripping for an unsuspecting friend/neighbour/visitor
  • Answering the door naked
  • Being stranded outdoors naked
  • Having to flash in a communal corridor, on a balcony or standing in a window
  • Good old-fashioned streaking

Click on any of the photos below see a much larger version:

Our many forfeits have produced many, many wonderful examples of ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female), CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female), CFNF (Clothed Female Naked Female) and OON (Only One Naked). Photos and videos of female embarrassment are always great fun.