Strip Coin Toss 29-8-2018

Caley, Phoebe and Talia are bored one afternoon until Talia suggests that they entertain themselves with an exciting strip game. Of course, Strip Coin Toss is a three player game, so the first player to end up naked has to play for forfeits until a second player ends up completely nude. We should do that more often!

Strip Coin Toss 18-10-2017

Three very sexy girls, Bridget, Emily and Pasha, are back to play a game of Strip Coin Toss for us today. Which of these three women do you want to end up getting completely naked at the end of the game? As this one is played until two girls lose, and Coin Toss only works with three players, the first girl to lose has to play on naked and risk embarrassing forfeits. That ups the ante even more.

Strip Coin Toss 11-10-2017

Hannah and Jane return and attempt to persuade Faye to play a sexy game of Strip Coin Toss with them. This is a very nice game, made even better by the two unlucky (and completely naked!) losers having to suffer an embarrassing forfeit at the end.

Strip Coin Toss 7-12-2016

Bex, Debz and Charlotte are back again to play another sexy game, this time Coin Toss. In each round, all three players toss a coin each. This game only works with three players as it is the odd-one-out in each round who must remove an item of clothing. It’s not over until one player is stripped completely naked and then that unlucky girl gets an embarrassing outdoor forfeit. Very embarrassing for her.

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Strip Coin Toss 6-1-2016

Happy New Year everyone!

This is our first update of 2016, and you’ll be pleased to find out that lovely trio Cate, Natalie and Tracey are back to play a sexy game of Strip Coin Toss. This one plays out as an excellent game and those of you who enjoying seeing the loser of round being taunted by the other players should particularly love this one. There’s no forfeit this time but with three players the game isn’t over until two of them are completely naked!