Spin-the-Bottle 20-1-2013

Nicole (left), Xena (centre) and Hope (right) have just got home after a night out at a fundraising party. They don’t want the evening to be over just yet, so they decide to round the evening off with a sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle. Of course, three players means that two of them are going to end up naked!

Dice 16-12-2012

Xena and Nicole demand a rematch of their Strip Dice game against Hope. She figures that as she won the last one, she can win this one too. As last time there will be an embarrassing forfeit for a somewhat restrained and naked loser. Excellent fun with three very sexy girls.

Dice 25-11-2012

In this excellent strip game photoset, Xena introduces her friends Hope and Nicole to StripGameCentral. The three of them play a rather sexy game of Strip Dice. Not only does that mean two naked losers, but one unlucky girl has to suffer an embarrassing forfeit too!

Hope’s Audition

Today we have another excellent costume strip for you. Hope is a soldier who has to show us what she’s hiding under her uniform. As usual everything has to come off.