Strip Tickle 19-5-2013

Holly and Jasmine are back for another game. This time it’s a quick and sexy game of Strip Tickle before they go to bed. Is playing a strip game in your nightclothes a good idea? There’s only one way to find out!

Strip Darts 5-5-2013

Holly and Jasmine are back. Holly wants another chance to beat Jasmine, but Jasmine’s going to take some persuading to play again. Will an embarrassing forfeit for the loser be enough to get her to play?

Strip Sudden Death 21-4-2013

Jasmine and Holly are back for their second strip game together. This time it’s a high stakes game of darts, played Sudden Death style! The rules are simple for this one. They play a single round of darts and the player with the highest score has to strip completely naked while her opponent just enjoys the show. Maximum embarrassment in this one as the winner stays fully clothed.

Strip Darts 7-4-2013

Today the ever popular Jasmine introduces a friend of hers to the website. Please welcome Holly to the site as she plays her first game of Strip Darts. Will experience win the day or will beginner’s luck prove unbeatable? Whichever you can rest assured that one of these two lovely girls is going to end up stripped completely naked.