Strip Darts 22-11-2013

Today we have an interesting variation on the game of Strip Darts. The lovely players, Eleanor and Nitsa won’t be directly playing themselves, but they will very much be suffering the consequences of the game. Mark will be throwing the darts. Each time he hits a black ring, Eleanor will lose an item of clothing, and each time he hits white, it will be Nitsa’s loss.

I think he’s really going to enjoy this game, especially as he gets to choose which items have to come off AND he gets to take them off the girls himself. The game isn’t over until one of these sexy women is stripped completely naked.

As usual the photos are also available in a convenient zip file.

Minefield 25-6-2013

Eleanor & Nitsa are going to try out an interesting different version of Strip Minefield. Minefield is always an unpredictable game, never knowing which item of clothing is going to come off next, but regardless of the rules used, you know that one of these sexy girls is going to end up stripped completely naked!