Wall of Misfortune 28-12-2016

The final update of 2016 sees Naudia and Jordana return to play “Wall of Misfortune”. With the cards stuck to the wall, it’s impossible to cheat and neither player can predict how this game will play out. I think we’ll be seeing more of this game in future. Enjoy!

Wall of Misfortune 17-8-2016

The lovely Jordana and Naudia are back to try out a different game today. Wall of Misfortune involves, as the name implies, a wall and a grid of cards. Each of the cards features a number. For each round, both players pick a card each at random and the girl with the lowest number has to remove an item of her clothing. As usual, first player stripped completely naked is the loser.

In future we’ll have to rework this game with some forfeit cards thrown into the mix.

Spin-the-Bottle 20-7-2016

The popular duo of Naudia and Jordana try another game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle, again played in front of a small audience. Just to make this game a little more exciting, the loser of each round has to suffer the indignity of having an item of her clothing removed from her by her opponent. That’s just got to be extra embarrassing!

High Card 27-4-2016

Jordana and Naudia return to play another game, this time Strip High Card played in one of my favourite locations – a local bar, complete with its regulars. Better still the regulars get a little more involved in the game. That’s got to be extra embarrassing for the two lovely players. Someone’s going to end up stripped completely naked in front of an audience.

High Card 16-3-2016

Jordana and Naudia are back to try out a game of High Card. The stakes are high in this one as they are going to play the entire game in a a bar in front of an audience. Whoever loses this sexy game is going to be getting completely naked in front of a whole group of people. That’s got to make this game a whole lot more embarrassing to play!
Of course the big question is: Which one of them is going to end up stripped naked this time?