Strip High Card 14-12-2016

Sativa and Violetta return to play another game of Strip High Card in the empty bar. The loser of the last game wants a chance to get her own back! Will she succeed this time, or will she lose all her clothes again?

Rock-Paper-Scissor 12-10-2016

Sativa and Violetta are back for another game in the bar (sadly empty this time). Today they are going to play a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still the winner gets to spank the naked loser’s bare bottom!

Wall of Misfortune 28-9-2016

Wall of Misfortune is a great game, this time played by Sativa and Violetta T. The game is played with a wall of cards. Each card has a number on the reverse. For each round, both players take a card each and the player picking the lowest number loses the round and must let the other player remove an item of clothing from her. The winner of the round gets to choose what comes off so double embarrassment. The game doesn’t end until one of these lovely players is completely naked. Poor girl!

High Card 14-9-2016

Sativa and Violetta T. are back for another strip game, this time a simple game of High Card using a deck of normal cards. Usual rules apply and the game isn’t over until someone is stripped completely naked.

Sativa’s Job Interview

Sativa attends an extremely thorough job interview. She might be brave enough to get through it, but will she get the job?