Rock-Paper-Scissors 6-4-2005

Late one evening three girls, Anna, Bobbi & Annette, are walking home through the woods when one of them suggests that they play an impromptu game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. They reckon it will be much more exciting to play it outdoors in a location where someone might see them playing this sexy strip game.

Spin-the-Bottle 17-2-2005

Teagan, Anna and Faith are here to play a game of strip Spin-the-Bottle. Normal rules but the girl who spins the bottle gets to remove a garment of her choice from the girl to whom it points. This should make it even more interesting!

Better still the winner of this game gets to choose an embarrassing (and naked!) forfeit for the two unlucky losers.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 29-11-2004

Anna, Faith and Teagan decide to play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Rather than attempt a three-way game, two of the girls play each other and then the winner will play the remaining girl. Of course two sexy girls end up stark naked!

High Card 28-10-2004

Anna and Faith introduce Teagan to the site with a game of Strip Hard Card. It’s a nice, straightforward game for a beginner, but can she win? These three beautiful girls play this one in more formal attire for a change.

Minefield 8-7-2004

Today Anna and Raquel are going to give Strip Minefield a go. Which of these two large breasted beauties do you want to lose the game and end up performing a naked twirl.