Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 24-4-2019

Two slender brunettes playing this game. Kerri persuades Violetta to play another very sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors against her, this time with a small but embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser.

Spin-the-Bottle 6-6-2018

Popular brunettes, Kerri and Violetta T. are back to give Strip Spin-the-Bottle a try. This always makes for a fun game and this one clearly is no exception. As usual, they play until one unlucky girl is stripped completely naked and made to twirl for us.

Strip Minefield 23-5-2018

Minefield is always an exciting game, with the players never knowing exactly what item of clothing will be coming off next, but this is a cool variation on the theme. Rather than playing it the traditional way with cards, we’ve enlarged the whole experience and adapted it into a wall game. Same rules and the same naked outcome of course! Today’s players are the lovely Kerri and Violetta T. Which one do you want to end up stripped completely naked?

Strip Sudden Death 26-4-2017

Violetta T. wants to play another game against Kerri but Kerri isn’t too keen to take up the challenge. Violetta talks her into playing a quick game of Strip Sudden Death, played via a round of High Card. This game may not last long but the embarrassment of the loser having to let the winner strip her naked whilst the winner doesn’t remove anything at all is excellent.

Beware: Preview photos beyond the first three will give away the outcome of the game.

Strip High Card 12-4-2017

Sexy duo Kerri and Violetta T. are back to try out another game of Strip High Card. This time they play it sitting on the sofa in the living room. To make this game even more fun, the winner of each round gets to choose which item of clothing the loser must take off. Usual rules apply – first player completely naked loses the game and has to suffer an embarrassing little forfeit too.