Minefield 15-10-2014

This time Jasmine and Talia are back to play the always unpredictable game of Minefield, but this time with an interesting variation, and with more than one forfeit for the unlucky loser! We’re still trying to find the best rules for this game, but I think you’ll all agree that this game is very nice.

Strip Darts 1-10-2014

Jasmine and Talia return to play a game of Strip Darts, this time with an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser. Excellent! I love the contrast between these two, Jasmine’s smaller, petite build compared to the curvier Talia with her larger frame. I wish they could both lose this game!


Strip Tickle 15-9-2014

Jasmine and Talia try out a game of Strip Tickle, but to make it more interesting they play it in their nightclothes! Each girl needs to make every round count as it won’t take much of a losing streak to lose this game. There’s also an embarrassing little forfeit for the unlucky loser.

Strip Darts 30-8-2014

The lovely duo of Jasmine and Talia return to play a game of Darts. Standard rules for this one: Both players throw one dart each and the player with the lowest score has to remove an item of clothing. First girl completely naked has to perform an embarrassing forfeit in the nude!

Strip Minefield 20-5-2014

Heidi and Jasmine are back to play another game of Strip Minefield. This time the sexy duo play in different outfits and in a different location. As usual with Minefield, the order that clothes are lost is completely random. Neither player knows what she might be taking off next!
Which girl do you want to lose this one?

Strip Minefield 3-5-2014

Today Jasmine is going to introduce Heidi to the game of Strip Minefield. Will beginner’s luck win the day or will experience triumph? As this is entirely a game of chance, I could not predict which of these two lovely girls is going to end up stripped completely naked.

Strip Tickle 16-4-2014

Jasmine tries to persuade Heidi to play another game of Strip Tickle but this time she wants to raise the stakes a little. The loser of this game won’t just end up naked, but will also have to leave the apartment still completely naked.
As if that isn’t enough, we also insisted that the winner of each round got to directly remove an item of clothing from the loser.

Strip Tickle 30-3-2014

This game is a classic Strip Tickle competition. Heidi and Jasmine play by the standard rules: Both players try to tickle their opponent. The first player to laugh, giggle or squeal loses the round. The first player to end up naked loses the game.

With these two slim beauties playing, we win whichever of them loses!

Strip Badminton 21-1-2014

As Layla won her game against Gaby, now she gets to play against Jasmine. As before this sexy game of Badminton will be played outdoors, in the front garden of their house, and it’s not over until one of these lovely girls is stripped completely naked. I wish I lived next door to them!

Strip Fight 10-10-2013

As it was a lovely, sunny day, Caley, Jasmine, Hermione and Sabrielle plan to enjoy a little sunbathing in the garden. Cheeky Caley persuades Jasmine to try something a little more fun and soon the four bikini-clad girls are fighting to strip each other naked. Better still this game ends with an embarrassing forfeit.