Strip Dice 10-10-2018

Alexa and Rebecca are back to play another sexy game. Still annoyed that she ended up naked in their last game, even though she won, Alexa wants another chance to beat Rebecca convincingly.
To make the game even more interesting, they both agree that the winner should get to pick some embarrassing forfeits for the naked loser.

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 9-5-2018

Lots of you will be pleased to discover that Alexa and Rebecca are back to play another sexy strip game. Today they give Spin-the-Bottle a go. As usual, it’s not over until one of these lovely women is stripped completely naked.
This game is played in one of my favourite ways – each time a player loses a round, the winner gets to chose and remove an item of the loser’s clothing. That’s got to make it even more embarrassing!

Strip Minefield 9-6-2012

After the way their last match went, Alexa demands a rematch against Rebecca. Rebecca agrees to play another game of Strip Minefield as long as there is an embarrassing forfeit for the loser of the game. Strip Minefield can be wonderfully unpredictable, never know which item of clothing will have to come off next, and it’s better still when followed by a sexy forfeit for the naked and embarrassed girl who loses the game.

Minefield 10-5-2012

Today we welcome two lovely new girls to StripGameCentral. Here are Alexa and Rebecca, trying out an exciting game of Strip Minefield, with an embarrassing little forfeit for the unlucky loser.