Rock-Paper-Scissors 3-2-2012

Ingrid and Becca try to persuade Gillian to play another strip game with them. She’s won two of their last three games together and they both want a chance to beat her, this time at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Will she play them and risk getting naked? Of course she will!

Inverse Spin-the-Bottle 06-01-2013

Becca, Gillian and Ingrid are back to play the always sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle. We’ve inverted the rules for this one. Each time the bottle stops to point to a player, all the other players must remove an item of clothing. This should make for a very interesting game!

Sudden Death 2-12-2012

For their second strip game the three girls are going to play Sudden Death, Spin-the-Bottle style! Becca, Gillian and Ingrid start out clothed but two of them are going to get naked, very quickly. As if that isn’t embarrassing enough, the unlucky losers will have to suffer a spanking forfeit too!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 18-11-2012

Ingrid introduces two of her friends, Becca and Gillian, to strip games with this very sexy game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. A highly enjoyable game but better still there is an embarrassing (and naked) forfeit for the two unlucky losers.