Strip Darts 21-3-2014

Three very hot girls are back today. Carol, Lacey & Caley play Strip Darts. Supposedly a game of skill but, the way these girls play, I’m not so sure! Anyway, the most skilful girl should win the game and the other two players are going to end up completely nude and doing a twirl.

Strip Dice 4-3-2014

The lovely Lacey, Caley and Carol are back to play again. They’re going to give the new version of strip dice another go. First they roll to see who gets the first turn. As before, rather than seeing who gets the highest or lowest score, each number on the die has been assigned a different meaning. Each player takes a roll in turn to find out what she must do. Last girl wearing any clothes wins the game so that means two of these girls are going to end up naked!

Strip Dice 15-2-2014

Carol, Caley and Lacey are back to try out a new variation on an old game. It’s Strip Dice, but instead of just comparing scores each number on the die has an action attached. Some are bad, some are even worse! As usual the game isn’t over until two players are completely naked, but it’s going to be very interesting getting there!

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 12-1-2014

Caley, Carol and Lacey play a game of Spin-the-Bottle. They play until one them is stripped completely naked and that loser has to suffer a very embarrassing forfeit. Poor girl!

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 26-12-2013

For the final game of 2013, three smartly dressed women play a very sexy game of spin-the-bottle on a bed. As if that isn’t good enough, whichever two girls, out of Caley, Carol and Lacey, lose this game, not only end up completely naked but also have to suffer a humiliating forfeit together. Now that’s got to take the chill out of this winter weather!