Strip Minefield 18-1-2018

Possibly over-confident after winning the last game, Toyah offers Rhian a chance to get her own back. This time, they’re going to play a different game which is almost entirely down to luck, Strip Minefield. It’s always a nice mix of sexy and unpredictable (You never know what item of clothing is going to come off next) and, with these two girls playing, we can’t lose!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 21-12-2017

Gorgeous duo Rhian and Toyah are back for another sexy strip game. This time they try out Rock-Paper-Scissors in Rhian’s bedroom. Stocking lovers will like this game. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a simple game that everyone knows so well, but it’s a lot more fun when someone ends up stripped completely naked, especially when the players are as beautiful as this two.

Strip Darts 24-5-2017

It’s good to see Toyah and Rhian again, this time both playing a daring game of Strip Darts. This is another strip game which falls into that category where I really want both players to lose simultaneously so we get so see them both stripped completely naked.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 16-5-2012

Rhian, not being happy with the outcome of their last game, demands an immediate rematch. Toyah doesn’t take much persuading as she is confident she can beat Rhian again. Better still (for us!) there is an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky and still naked loser of this game.

Spin-the-Bottle 18-4-2012

Rhian is keen to play another game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle, so she asks Alana and Zara to join a game with her. Only one loser in this exciting game, but that loser gets an embarrassing forfeit to perform!