Rock-Paper-Scissors 16-1-2005

Fionn tries to persuade Raquel to play a game of strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, but Raquel’s not too keen. She hasn’t had the best run of luck recently. Fionn isn’t going to take no for an answer and someone’s going to end up naked!

Dice 15-12-2004

Rose, Raquel and Fionn are back for another strip game. This time Raquel suggests that they play a sexy game of strip dice.

Spin-the-Bottle 12-10-2004

Fionn and Raquel’s new neighbour, Rose, visits them and suggests they play a game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle with her. For this game the spinner of the bottle in each round gets to take an item of clothing off the girl it points to. That’s one great way to get to know your neighbours better!

Minefield 10-9-2004

Raquel decides to welcome new girl Fionn by challenging her to a game of strip Minefield. There is a very embarrassing forfeit for the loser after this game, but it doesn’t go quite to plan!

Minefield 8-7-2004

Today Anna and Raquel are going to give Strip Minefield a go. Which of these two large breasted beauties do you want to lose the game and end up performing a naked twirl.