Coin Toss 22-9-2003

The ever-popular duo, Victoria and Bobbi, are back to give Strip Coin Toss another go. No forfeit in this one, but seeing one of these two ending up completely naked is hard to bear!

Dice 2-9-2003

Relatively new girl, Bobbi, talks Victoria into playing her again, another game of Strip Dice, same rules as before. Can Bobbi win this time?

Coin Toss 13-8-2003

Victoria tries to persuade Bobbi to have a go at playing strip cointoss. This is another game with simple rules. Each girl takes turns at tossing the coin. “Heads” means lose an item of clothing, “Tails” means they are safe. As usual, the first girl naked loses the game.

Pontoon 4-8-2003

After she lost the last game, Becky manages to persuade Victoria to play another game against her. It’s another game of Strip Pontoon, with a forfeit for the unfortunate loser.

Dice 26-7-2003

Today, Victoria and Bobbi are going to give Strip Dice a go. The rules for this one are simple, both players roll a die and the girl with the lowest score loses a piece of her clothing.