Rock-Paper-Scissors 6-4-2005

Late one evening three girls, Anna, Bobbi & Annette, are walking home through the woods when one of them suggests that they play an impromptu game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. They reckon it will be much more exciting to play it outdoors in a location where someone might see them playing this sexy strip game.

Spin-the-Bottle 23-6-2004

Annette, Bobbi, Jenny and Anna are back to play another strip game for us. This time it’s a sexy game of spin the bottle – no teams, it’s every girl for herself in this one. Best of all with four players you can be assured that three of them are going to end up completely naked.

Sudden Death 24-4-2004

This is a high-stakes variant on Strip High Card. Each round is played in exactly the same way, but instead of losing one item of clothing, the loser of each round must let the winner strip her completely naked.
This game is played until two unlucky girls are completely nude, and then one poor girl has to suffer an embarrassing forfeit.

Spin-the-Bottle 28-2-2004

Bobbi, Jenny, Annette and Anna get together once again for a very sexy, four player game of spin-the-bottle. Better still this game isn’t going to be over until three lovely girls are stripped completely naked.

Pontoon 31-1-2004

Annette, Faith and Raquel return to try out a game of Strip Pontoon. This game isn’t over until two girls are completely naked. Just to make it more interesting, the two naked losers have to perform an embarrassing forfeit.