Football 21-3-2005

Nina and Emma are back to take advantage of some more good weather. Today they are going to try out a simple Strip Football game, outdoors! What better way is there to enjoy the lovely weather?

Badminton 1-2-2005

After losing their first outdoor game, Nina demands that Emma play her at a different game. This time they’re going to try out a game of badminton, a new one for StripGameCentral.

Catch 31-12-2004

Nina and Emma are enjoying a day in the woods. Nina suggests they play a game of catch, but to make it a lot more exciting she suggests that they turn it into a sexy strip game. Of course the loser of this game is going to end up naked outdoors!

Darts 23-5-03

Nina and Michelle are back to play a deciding game of Strip Darts. They have won one game each so far. Today it’s time to decide a winner and a naked loser! Of course, there will be a forfeit for the unlucky loser!

Darts 28-4-2003

Michelle has been persuaded by Nina to play a game of Strip Darts again. This time it will be just the two of them. This time we can’t lose!