Strip Tickle 22-2-2018

Olivia and Shelley are back to try another game. This time it’s Strip Tickle and they can’t wait to get started. I suspect that this game won’t take too long as they both start out wearing shorts and vest-tops. Better still there is a little forfeit for the unlucky (and naked!) loser.

Spin-the-Bottle 11-1-2018

Shelley and Penny are determined that Nerissa is going to lose a strip game, so they persuade her to play another one. This one will be played until two girls are completely naked, so they should be in with a good chance of getting Nerissa naked! This is another game where I’d really like them all to lose.

High Card 23-11-2017

Lovely duo, Shelley and Olivia, are back to try out a very sexy game of Strip High Card. I genuinely don’t know which of these two I want to lose this game and end up stripped completely naked.

Minefield 7-10-2012

The lovely Shelley and Leslie are back to play another sexy game of Strip Minefield. Leslie seems confident that she can win again, but in a game of luck, who can tell!
For most of this game the winner of each round helps the loser remove an item of her clothing. That’s always good fun.

Minefield 2-9-2012

The lovely duo, Leslie and Shelley, are back to try out another strip game. This time it’s a game of Strip Minefield. Which of these two women do you want to see stripped naked and embarrassed?