Strip High Card 6-12-2018

Samantha and Kacy are here today to try out a fairly standard game of Strip High Card. Usual rules: Highest card in each round wins and the loser has to take off an item of clothing. To make it even more interesting, there’s going to be an embarrassing (and uncomfortable) forfeit for the naked loser.

Strip Minefield 5-7-2017

Samantha enjoyed her last game against Kacy and is keen to play her again. She’s confident that she can beat her, even though the game of choice, Minefield, is a game of total chance. Let’s find out if her confidence is justified! Whoever wins, the other player is going to end up stripped completely naked.

Minefield 29-7-2012

The ever popular Kacy and Samantha are back to play another very sexy game of Strip Minefield. After her success last time, Kacy is feeling confident about winning this game too. However, this game is always unpredictable, in more ways that one. All I can guarantee is that one of these lovely girls is going to end up doing a completely naked twirl for us!

Minefield 3-7-2012

After her victory last time, Samantha is very confident that she can win again against Kacy. This time they play Strip Minefield, a game with a reputation for being sexily unpredictable.