Strip Highcard 7-1-2015

Today Kamilia agrees to play another game against her friend Keira. But this time it’s Highcard, a game of chance so no more tickling! Will that change the outcome?

Strip Tickle 24-12-2014

Having lost more than once previously, Keira is desperate to beat her friend Kamilia at Strip Tickle. Can she finally do it? It really doesn’t seem to be her game, but she’s going to give it another go. Maybe she’s just a sucker for punishment? This time there is an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser.

Tickle 3-12-2014

Keira demands a third chance to beat Kamilia at Strip Tickle. She has to win sometime! But will it be this one? Whoever loses this game will get an embarrassing forfeit to perform while she’s naked.


Strip Tickle 19-11-2014

Keira demands a second chance to beat Kamilia at Strip Tickle. She didn’t do so well last time! But Kamilia isn’t too keen to play, so Keira is going to have to offer an extra incentive to persuade her to play.


Strip Tickle 29-10-2014

Kamilia and Keira are back, this time to play a very sexy game of Strip Tickle. The usual rules apply for this one: Each player tries her best to tickle her opponent into laughing, giggling or squealing. The winner of each round gets to take an item of her choice from the loser. Better still this game isn’t over until an already completely naked player loses another round. Excellent fun!