Spin-the-Bottle 9-12-2012

Imogen, Nerissa and Faye are here to play a new variation on Spin-the-Bottle. We’ve swapped it around so the person to whom the bottle points gets to keep their clothes on, and all the other players must take something off. Should make for an interesting game.

Sudden Death 28-10-2012

After a fun evening, Imogen, Nerissa and Faye decide to play a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death. This one will be played until there are two completely naked losers with a few embarrassing, and nude, forfeits thrown in for good measure.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 14-10-2012

Three stunners today, back to play another sexy strip game for us, this time with an embarrassing forfeit for the two unlucky (and naked!) losers. Which two out of Nerissa, Faye and Imogen do you want to end up stripped nude?

Darts 30-9-2012

Hannah, Faye and Jane are back to play an exciting game of Strip Darts. Not only does this game lead to two of these sexy girls ending up totally naked, but one of them has to suffer an embarrassing forfeit too. Excellent!

Spin-the-Bottle 16-9-2012

Nerissa and Faye play a game of Spin-the-Bottle in the kitchen with new girl, Imogen. Before they begin the game, they all agree that the unlucky loser of this one will have to suffer two embarrassing forfeits picked by the winners.