Strip Darts 2-3-2016

Charlie and Tearry are back in another game video. This time they are trying out a game of Strip Darts, with the winner having the right to choose an embarrassing forfeit for the unfortunate loser. Of course darts is a game of skill, so which girl will show the most skill and win the game? Whoever loses this one is going to suffer an embarrassing (and funny) forfeit outdoors.

This video is available in three quality options, each running to 10 minutes 32 seconds. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:

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Minefield 27-1-2016

Charlie and Tearry are back to play another game. Today it is Strip Minefield, played outdoors in the back garden of the house. As usual with this game, we have no way of predicting which order their items of clothing will come off, but I can predict that the unlucky loser of this game will end up stripped completely naked outdoors.

There was a little confusion in this game (I don’t think they fully understood the rules!), but the outcome of this sexy game was unaffected.

High Card 16-12-2015

Today’s update features Charlie (the tall blonde) and Tearry (the not-so-tall brunette) playing a sexy strip game outside in the back garden. It’s a simple game of High Card with an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky, naked loser.

This video is available in three quality options, all running to 16 minutes 23 seconds. Click on the picture to play the demo video directly.

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Club members have a choice of three versions to download:

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High Low 18-11-2015

Those of you who enjoy a big contrast between players will love this game. Tall Charlie and and really not so tall Tearry are back to try out another game in the garden. This time it’s a sexy game of Strip High Low played until a player who is already naked loses another round. Who do you want to lose this one?

Charlie’s Audition

As the weather at the time was excellent it seemed a good idea to do Charlie’s audition outside in the garden. Of course we couldn’t let her simply undress herself so we got Tearry to do the honours.