Rock-Paper-Scissors 14-12-2017

Late one night, Pasha and Nadine find that they are unable to get to sleep. Pasha suggests that they play a game (a sexy game of strip Rock-Paper-Scissors of course!) for a while to make themselves tired. Of course, with both of them in their pyjamas, this game probably isn’t going to last too long!

Strip Coin Toss 18-10-2017

Three very sexy girls, Bridget, Emily and Pasha, are back to play a game of Strip Coin Toss for us today. Which of these three women do you want to end up getting completely naked at the end of the game? As this one is played until two girls lose, and Coin Toss only works with three players, the first girl to lose has to play on naked and risk embarrassing forfeits. That ups the ante even more.

Strip Spin-the-Bottle 20-9-2017

Bridget decides she wants to play another strip game against her friends, Pasha and Emily. It won’t be any surprise that they agreed to play (we wouldn’t have a game otherwise!), but I won’t give away any more other than the winner of each round gets to remove an item of clothing from the loser and that two of these sexy girls end up stripped fully naked!

Tickle 23-12-2012

Pasha (right) and Nadine (left) are back to play another sexy strip game. This time it’s strip tickle. This is a very unpredictable game with plenty of physical contact between the lovely players. Which player do you want to see lose this one?

Draughts 21-10-2012

Pasha tries to persuade Nadia to play a strip game against her but Nadia isn’t too confident in her ability and takes some persuading. How far will Pasha go to get her to play?